i think not.

why is this still so damn awesome?  LOVE.

in other news, we finally put the trip blog together.

feel free to follow along on our little journey!  love you familia!



we're those people.  darn.

i made some real promises to myself that we would get thank you notes out FAST.  and yet, it's 3 months (REALLY?  yes.  THREE!) later and no thank you's.  well no paper thank you's at least.  i hope that you all have at least received a verbal thank you for being there for pretty much the best day ever.  ever. 

in case you are not on fb (which, now my grandpa is so you have no real excuse), or we haven't sent them to you directly . . . we have pictures!  and a video!  and blogs!  it's all very bizarre.  i just continue to be shocked and awed that this is our life, and that was our wedding. 

so until that little envelope of thanks ends up in your mailbox . . . thank you.  it would not have been the same without you.  all of you.  love you a million billion. 


jonas peterson, our new aussie/swedish bff, is an animal.  an animal of coolness and of amazing beyond amazing photos.  click here to see his post about our wedding and here to see the ridiculous slide show he put together.  i'd be lying if i said i didn't still watch this bad boy like once a week. 

erik clausen.  also, ridiculous.  epic, one might say.  :)  we get to hang out with him in a couple weeks and needless to say, we're pretty excited.  click here to see his amazing post. 

brian!  shark pig!  first of all, i'm suprised we didn't book him sight unseen just from name alone.  so good!  luckily, the kick ass name pales in comparison to the kick ass talent.  so. darn. good.  click here for the video.  please note one of my favorite little snippets of katie thrash dropping it like it's hot.  love it.  love her.

Surya & Nick from Shark Pig on Vimeo.


oh and if all of that wasn't enough?  we were on a whole different blog.  like someone who doesn't even know us.  what?!  i know.  crazy.  anyway, once wed is a super cute site that i looked at (or still look at, is that weird that we are done and i'm still looking at wedding blogs?  yes.  yes it is.  but i can't stop so please don't judge me) all the time when we were planning.  and it was 4 parts.  AMAZING!  part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4.  yes.

ok.  that was like a million things.  sorry.   

in other news, we're planning el honeymoon as we speak.  we're heading to thailand and vietnam in december.  we'll be putting some stuff up here in case you want to follow along.  it will probably mostly be pictures of our feet and drinks and gut-killing street food.  oh maybe with a few spare ones of some wonder of the world (see halong bay.  holy moly.  can't wait).

xo suds


Two More Months of Eating Facial Hair...

If that doesn't get your attention what will... Yes, Suds and I officially have two months until the big day as May winds down in the last sunny afternoon this month I'm hoping most of your have received your invitations and had to make the hardest stationary choice of your lives. Do I keep these amazingly badass return postcard to hang on my fridge or frame next to my little league trophies or do I suck it up and mark "yes" cause I'm coming to Aspen to have the time of my life. Not the easiest of decisions I know, but thanks for wanting to show up. Suds and I were lucky enough to spend the holiday weekend at the house in Colorado and blessed with perfect weather and new floors it has only made us more happy and more excited that we haven chosen to get married here. This place already has so many incredible memories for us and to add to that ever growing list on our wedding day with all our friends and family is going to add to the magic this home brings every time you come around the bend and see it waiting for you. As for wedding news, make up trial is in the bag, though not a total slam dunk yet, Suds is getting her hair done as we speak and anytime I meet a tattooed hair stylist that calls my mom a badass I generally know we have come to the right place. My hair situation is actually pretty amazing, my upper lip hair finds it's way into most meals now and pretty much all beverages, I really am about to exclusively eat and drink out of a straw. My neck beard is so immense that people actually mistake it for a real beard. Meaning they are so hypnotized by what is below my jaw, they assume the sides of my face are just as robust, which sadly is just not true. Did I look into alternative options of growing hair on those parts...yes, but ultimately I'm just going to live it and ride whatever beardy path put in front of me for the next sixty days. Dickie if you are reading this, I really hope I don't ruin your wedding. If you haven't heard by now our registry is up and running, I think you will find it to be as awesome and weird as you find us, which is kind of the idea. P.S. I'm writing this blog next to the frying pan river, sitting in the grass, god bless your Steve Jobs and your beautiful IPAD!

In The Mail

There was maybe one moment where I didn't think we would get the invites done. Somewhere between our one hundredth trip to office max or the printer eating paper versus printing it I just got worried, stupid me, cause all the invites are in the mail. I am so excited for all of you to get them, Surya may have actually topped the website with this creation and I couldn't be more proud of my wife to be for taking a risk and doing something unique. Nothing against all you stationary stores charging thousands of dollars, but we absolutely embarrassed you. Hope you are all as excited to get them as we were to finally mail them. P.S. Look up neck beard, imagine my face, it's almost approaching 70's hobo...

Wedding invite mania

Hello all, yes I realize it has been months, but what can i say, busy planning a wedding ya know. We are basically three months away from the big day, pretty amazing that almost another year in our lives has already gone by. Today the suds and I made a big invite push. I think we are basically on pace to get them all out this week, so everyone should start looking for their little envelope of awesome in the next week or so. Yes my facial hair is coming along well, I am in full on no razor mode and it's pretty much day to day at work on whether or not they are going to fire me for complete facial obnoxiousness. All I can say is what a perfect time for a work wear trend to kick in. I promised my groomsmen that i was going to send them some inspiration in the next week or so, I will try and post it here as well for all of you. Be on the look out for regular post over the next twelve weeks, can't wait to see all of you soon!